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Daari Mooch 2.0

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When we started our brand Daari Mooch, We had a vision to provide our customer's with the best possible products made with the best possible ingredients. We did spent nearly a year to source/find these ingredients but even after our hard work & efforts we couldn't give our customers what we had in mind...Due to one single reason....   THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURING..   Yes you read it right .
like us , Almost all of the other brands in Men's grooming DOES NOT MAKE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS ..This was the one single reason that even after strict checks, providing our own raw material (Which no one else does)..We were still not getting the quality we had in mind.. We tried Giving warnings & changing manufactures but all in vain.
So we had only one choice either carry on selling sub - standard products like everyone else OR Take the matter into our own hands and start manufacturing our own products !!
SO guess what we did ?
Yes, You are right...We have started our own manufacturing with most of our raw material made by us so that we can provide our customer's with the quality we wanted for them. That is where Daari Mooch 2.0 is born to give you the best possible products with best possible ingredients.
Most of our carrier oils like Almond Oil, Sesame Oil , Coconut Oil etc. are Cold pressed by us in house.
All of our Ayurvedic Extracts/Oils Like Bhringraj, Brahmi, Jatamansi etc. are made by us as per the method described in our Ayurvedic Granths.
Bees Wax used in all of our wax based products like Beard Wax, Beard Balm, Hair Wax is directly purchased from local beekeepers.
All the Essential oils used in our products are sourced from a trusted source are of highest possible strength and grade.
No Harmful Preservatives (Only BHT & BHA Used)
No use of Mineral Oil 
No Artificial Perfumes
No Petroleum Jelly 
No Chemicals
No Alcohol
No Silicon
Now we can promise you that their won't be any compromise in the quality of the products you get with the brand name Daari Mooch on them !      
Goodness of Nature in every Bottle

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