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Real tips for growing a better DaariMooch....

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How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster and Thicker ?

We do get this question asked very frequently so that is why we thought that we should cover it in our VERY FIRST POST ....

Be it masculinity, power, leadership or wisdom, a man’s beard symbolizes all these qualities. This is why beards remain a fashion statement for many, even today.

However, many men find it very hard to grow the beard of their dreams.Several factors influence the growth and quality of your facial hair. Some of them are in your control and some aren't.

 So we will only focus on the ones you can control.

While you cannot do anything about your genetics, there are several other things you can do to help with the growth of your beard.

1. Presistence - Overcome the itch!

Most people give up growing a beard within first two weeks because of the itchiness, They loose the battle of beard very early. It isn't that easy go past this initial stage as Your beard can be very itchy for the first two weeks or even up to the first month of growth.
So to minimize the itch, Apply a decent beard oil and beard balm (You won't find a decent one than ours :) which will defo help with the itch and will promote healthy growth for your DaariMooch.

2. Keep the scissors away

Growing a beard is a commitment.You need to allow your beard to grow without any interference for about four to six weeks.

Trim your beard only after six weeks, when it is grown a bit,Otherwise you are just limiting your growth potential.


3. Wash & condition your beard regularly

Just like your hair, your beard also needs some regular love and attention.Wash your fuzz no more than 3 times a week and stay away from using harmful chemical/preservative based products always read the ingredients on  label and if unsure of any just Google it.

Always apply some beard oil after washing your beard  as your hair & skin do loose some of it's natural oils during the wash. A good natural beard oil will help to replenish those natural oils.

4. Eat protein rich food 

After all that's what our hair is made of, Eating good quality protein does help with your hair growth and also improves the quality of your existing hair as well.

There is plenty to choose from whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater like ME !! 

Spread your protein intake throughout the day, don't eat it all at once !!

5. Pick a shape for your beard

Pick up a shape for your beard which suits your face, don't go with the shape your pal has chosen . Because not everyone's face cut is same ,So what looks good on your friend's face might not look so good on yours !!

Pick up something which suits you and stick to it, Take pride in your beard - Show off that hard work.



why ???? 

Read on..... When you lift heavy weights in the gym , your body produces more testosterone and more Testosterone = more Hair.

Testosterone directly effects the growth of your hair , So it not only helps with muscle growth , It also helps with hair growth !!


Finally one last trick in the box....

To stimulate beard growth on your face, regular massaging with a good oil is a must.

Massaging your beard & mustache area with a good beard growth oil will improve blood circulation to the area and help nutrients reach the hair follicles so that the hair grows faster and thicker. This will give the appearance of a fuller and more developed beard. But this will only work if you have some hair follicles/roots otherwise it wouldn't help much..

There isn't a better Beard Growth Oil in the market than ours..Check out the ingredients to know why our Beard Growth Oil is best


Final Note : Always read the label to see what is inside the bottle. Some common ingredients to stay away from are - Mineral oils, Sulfates, Parabens, Artificial fragrances, Isopropyl Alcohol etc..

Some good ingredients to choose from - Cold pressed oils, natural essential oils, Ayurvedic extracts, Aloevera, Vitamin E oil etc...

PS: In case you want to check out our Beard & Mustache Growth Collection please scroll down.

Stay tuned for more posts coming your way...





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