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Beard Balm

Modern Ayurveda For Modern Men 

  • Reduces beard itch
  • Reduces beardruff
  • Promotes growth
  • Moisturise beard & skin underneath
  • Soft to medium hold for natural look
  • Available in five different scents
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural Ingredients
  • SLS/Paraben free's premium Beard Balm is a very lightweight, sculpting product that will help get those wild beard hairs under control without feeling like you have any product on your beard. It helps to nourish unruly hair of beard and also hydrates the skin underneath and your skin will thank you for it. It is made with all natural ingredients each of which has beneficial properties of their own for your skin and hair.

The ingredients in our beard balm are formulated to ENHANCE BEARD GROWTH , PROMOTE THICKER, HEALTHIER HAIR, SOFTEN DRY HAIR.

Our Beard Balm comes with same five scents as our Beard Oil/ Mustache wax to let you choose your desired blend to bring out your style.

Handmade, our beard balm conditions the beard, helps to repair and prevent split ends whilst softening, nourishing and leaving a light shine. Great for smoothing and taming those frizzy, unruly beards.

Available in 50 gm and 25 gm. Both sizes can be carried easily in pocket!