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Beard & Mustache Growth Collection

Modern Ayurveda For Modern Men 


Promotes beard & mustache growth

Nourishes skin underneath

Prevents hair fall

Makes beard soft & shiny

Natural Ingredients

SLS/Paraben free

Our Beard & Mustache growth collection has been specifically designed to help you unlock the growth potential of your facial hair. It does so by deep cleaning your hair follicle, improving nutrient circulation & deep nourishing them with best possible ingredients for growth. This collection includes our Beard & Mustache growth oil and our Beard & Mustache growth balm. You can order them separately or together to give massive boost to your facial hair growth to achieve your dream Beard quicker.

Our growth collection is made up with a secret recipe which is result of months of trials & errors , so treat it with respect !!

Made with all Natural Ingredients which is easily absorbed by your skin & hair with no nonsense added.