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I don't have much facial hair & struggling to grow a proper Beard, do you have any product for me?
Don't worry if you are not genetically gifted like some and struggling to grow a proper BEARD, We do have a Growth Collection which is especially designed for the brothers who struggle with Following problems -- BALD PATCHES IN BEARD & MUSTACHE / SLOW GROWTH / HAIR FALL / LIGHT BROWN HAIR/ PREMTAURE GREYING. The collection includes Beard & Mustache Growth Oil  and Beard & Mustache Growth Balm , both of them are formulated with Premium carrier oilsNatural essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs  to provide up to 6X faster growth to achieve your dream Beard Faster. You can order them separately or as a combo to provide massive boost to your facial hair growth.They are also available in smaller trial packs as well, so you can try it without hurting your wallet too much !!
This Growth Collection is a result of months of trials and errors so treat it with respect. Now you can have your dream beard while smelling great as well!!
 What can I do to  grow an awesome beard?

 Well, may be you already have an awesome beard but you just don't know it yet,  If   you  just started growing, Use the tips below :

Persistence - Overcome the itch!
    Your beard may be itchy for the first two weeks or even up to the first month of growth apply a decent beard oil and beard balm (You won't find a decent one than ours :) which will defo help with the itch and will promote healthy growth

2 Keep the scissors away from your fuzz , wait at least a whole month before you start trimming .

3. Wash/shampoo your fuzz no more than twice a week and stay away from using harmful chemical/preservative based products always read the ingredients on  label and if unsure of any just Google it.

4. Eat protein rich food , after all that's what our hair is made of.

5. Pick a shape of beard which suits you and stick to it, Take pride in your beard - Show off that hard work.
6. GET IN TO THE GYM !!!Coz more Testosterone = more Hair
   A well-groomed beard is also second to none when further combed or brushed through - leaving no knots and a healthy shine. enjoy your fine facial hair and the compliments that should come with it.
And if you are still struggling after these helpful tips then add our GROWTH OIL to get there fast !!
Why should I use your products when there are other cheap products in the market?
You are right Sir ! The other products in the market are CHEAP !! you get what you pay for and we Sir do not want to give you CHEAP products, we want to give you Premium  products with premium ingredients.  Any product is as good as the ingredients in it and all our ingredients comes from industry best supplier who are both ISO and USFDA  registered and supply as with Export Quality material so that we can make what we make. All of our products are
Made with natural Ingredients, Approved by ministry of Ayush, Export quality essential Oils, GMP Certified Cold pressed base Oils, SLS/Paraben Free, Skin friendly Products.
Products you will fall in love with right from the moment you will hold the box in your hand .We have paid attention to every single detail right from sourcing our material from the Best to designing our packaging from the Best that is why we are different from the Rest.
 When should I start using beard oil / beard balm on my beard?

 As soon as you start growing. Our oils and balms not only help existing beards look awesome, but also makes your skin more healthier to facilitate faster and thicker hair growth and reduce dry itchy skin for new beards.

 How much do I use?
  All of it in one go so you can buy next one  :)   Every beard is different, and a little oil/balm goes a long way.  the best way to apply balm or oil is to apply just a little at a time. After running your hands through your beard, they shouldn't appear to have any excess oil or balm on them. If  they do, you've probably used too much . An average size (1-2 inch) beard only needs around 4-6 drops of oil or a pea size amount of balm, though some people like to use or may require more.

How long will the oil/balm/wax  last me?

For an average size (1-2 inch) beard our 50 gm tin of balm  should last around 3 months and same size of beard oil should last you longer and in case of 50 gm Moustache wax it keeps on going forever :)  mine lasts around 4-5 months !!!
I want to try your products but I don't know what I want and I don't want to buy 1 of everything?

That is why we have specially designed our trial packs.
We have five awesome scents to choose from for all of our products ! We have trial sizes available for each product that should last around 3-4 weeks (depending on size of beard) so you can try all of our scents without breaking the bank.

How do I apply the Beard Oil ?

Take 4-6 drops( Adjust according to your fuzz size ) into your palm then rub your hands together, massage into your beard thoroughly starting at the roots ( in direction of beard upwards /outwards). For best results, comb through starting at the roots using a comb. Apply once daily or as required.
 Always start with a little, and use more should you need it!
How do I apply Hair Growth Oil ?

 Take a good amount of the Oil in your Palms or spray it directly on to your hair. Massage it into your scalp thoroughly at the roots of your hair. Give your scalp a gentle 5 to 10 minutes massage with your fingers and leave the oil in for 45 to 60 mins. Then wash afterwards with a mild shampoo (For best results Use our HAIR FALL TREATMENT SHAMPOO). Use the Oil at least 3 times a week for best results.

In addition to this you can use few drops of oil daily on to your hair after shower/bath and leave it on for the day
How do I apply Beard & Mustache Growth Oil ?

Apply it daily at night time preferably, Wash your face with water or soap before applying .Start with 4 -5 drops (Adjust according to growth & Your skin type) into your palm then rub your hands together for 5 secs & massage onto beard & mustache area for about a minute thoroughly and leave it on, Wash in the morning with water. Check after  a week if needs to be adjusted increase or decrease by 1 drop. For best results Use daily as stated above and also apply once a week using 10-15 drops and massage thoroughly onto your beard & mustache area and this time wash after 20-30 mins.
How To Apply Growth Balm
You can use the Growth Balm with or without the Growth Oil. Wash your face with water or soap before applying, If using with Growth Oil then apply after applying the Oil. Take out pea size balm using the back of your thumbnail and rub it between your fingers of both hands until melted , then apply thoroughly into your Beard & Mustache area. For best results apply daily at night time preferably. You Can Use Growth Balm just for Mooch only to get a thicker and heavy Mooch. For Mooch apply it twice at night and in the morning using the above method.

How do I apply Beard Balm 

You can use the Beard Balm with or without the Beard Oil.Take out pea size balm using the back of your thumbnail and rub it between your fingers of both hands until melted , then apply thoroughly into your beard and comb afterwards. For best results apply daily.Best to use with Beard Oil to Tame Your Mane.

 How do I apply  Mustache & Beard Wax?

 Take out small amount of wax using the back of your thumbnail and rub it between your thumb and forefingers of both hands until melted then apply it evenly on your mustache starting inside out, take little amount of wax again and apply it on the handles of your mustache and give them desired shape to look awesome.

How do I apply Strong Hold Mustache Wax(The Beast) ?

As our wax is particularly stiff so warm the wax first for awesome results, you can warm it by either using a hairdryer for 10-15 seconds to loosen it a bit or any other safe way you know then apply it same way as told above for natural wax and look awesome.

How to store your product?

Close to your heart :)  Just keep your bottle upright, sealed tight and out of direct sunlight (I know it suppose to rhyme)

Is it possible to have a different shipping address and billing address?

 Yes, it is possible to have a different shipping address and billing address

 Is it possible to send the products on a specified date?

 Yes, the products can be sent on specified dates. However, the order should be a prepaid order. The delivery might be circumstantial depending on location as well.