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The idea of was born in England in Nov. 2014 well before there was any decent product in Indian market for our bearded brothers.

It happened after a family trip to India and this time when we came back to England we knew that we were not at our home we only lived in a house in England for the last 12 years so we listened to our hearts and decided to move to India permanently.
As it happened England was going beard crazy at the time and every man I knew was growing beard and so was I it was MOVEMBER ! 

 At the time I was using these awesome Beard Oil and Mustache Wax which were made in England and there were plenty to choose from , so first question my wife asked me was that how will I cope without these products in India as there were none available at the time. 

 That is where the seed was born and I thought why not start a beard care company in India which only caters for  bearded brothers like Me. So I spent next few months doing my own research around ingredients used in beard care products and met with couple of local business owners who were involved in manufacturing beard care products who helped me a  ton.

After months of research, trials and errors I finally had a winning formula and recipe that I could call my own and I  made myself some beard oil and wax which I started using n gave it to some of my friends/colleagues to try and Bingo!! I had great response from them, they told me how it worked like magic for their itchy beard, beardruff and made their beard soft and shiny with the added feature of heavenly fragrance ,how the Mustache wax helped them to keep their moustache in check while eating out without being conscious about food on their facial hair and how great the hold was and how fresh it smelt.

Finally we landed in Nov 2015  and it took me nearly a year(had some holidays in between :)  to source our raw materials, packaging, legal stuff etc. to turn my dream into reality so that's how was born.

 At we are proud at making High Quality, Premium Range of grooming products for Modern Men.
We specialize in Beard care, Hair & Face care products for Modern Men. Our products are made from 100% all natural pure ingredients. No fillers or nonsense. is committed and passionate about producing Premium, handmade products to our Bearded Brothers using 100% pure, natural ingredients.
All Our Products Are :
Made with100% All Natural Ingredients
High Quality Essential Oils
Cold Pressed Carrier Oils
Our Own Original Recipes
  Approved by ministry of Ayush
GMP Certified
SLS/Paraben Free
Skin friendly Products
Small Batches,Made by Hand in India.
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