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Beard Growth Oil

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Daarimooch Beard Growth Oil  has been specifically designed to help you unlock the beard growth potential of your beard.  Daarimooch Beard Growth Oil does so by deep cleaning your hair follicle, improving nutrient circulation & deep nourishing them with best possible ingredients for beard Growth.

Beard Growth Oil is made with all Natural Ingredients which is easily absorbed by your skin & Hair with no nonsense added. That is why it is one of the best Beard Growth Oil in the market. 

Key benefits of using our Beard Growth Oil :

  • Promotes beard & mustache growth
  • Nourishes skin underneath beard
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Makes beard soft & shiny
  • Natural Ingredients
  • SLS/Paraben free
  • 17 Natural Oils

Most of our base oils like Almond , Sesame and Coconut oil are cold pressed in house to give you the purest of ingredients in our products.

 INGREDIENTS :  1. Almond Oil 2. Jojoba Oil 3. Jatamansi

4. Bhringraj 5. Amalki 6. Brahmi Extract 7. Cinnamon 8. Bay

9. Neroli 10. Lemon grass 11. Tea tree 12. Rosemary

13. Alovera 14. Castor Oil 15. Olive Oil 16. Sesame Oil 17. Coconut Oil BASE q.s

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