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Beard & Hair Comb

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Daari Mooch Beard & Hair Combs are one of the best comb in the market. Unlike other comb, our Combs are made of 100% pure  wood which is known for it's therapeutic properties.

Our Combs are handcrafted, each comb tooth is saw cut & then the overall comb is polished by skilled craftsmen who give them a  smooth finish and you can feel the difference as soon as you hold it in your hands.

Available in Neem & Shisham Wood

Key Benefits of Using our Comb

  • Hand made with 100% wood
  • prevents premature graying
  • Improves blood circulation
  • reduces beardruff/dandruff
  • promotes hair growth
  • prevents hair fall
  • reduces itching
  • beautifully crafted

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